5 Ways To Get Out Of A Rut

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Do you ever just find yourself in a funk? You’re not quite sure what’s bothering you but you feel sad, bored, uninterested, or just simply exhausted? Personally I think funks are indicators that something is missing from your life. Rather than going into panic mode, funks give us an opportunity to pause and ask yourself what your soul really needs. 
Here are 5 ways I like to snap out of it when I'm feeling pretty crummy:

Move your body. Take a lap around your work place. Try a new fitness class (most places offer first time goers a class for free!) Find a 30 minute workout video on Youtube. Anything that gets you out of your mind and into your body.

Watch a Disney Channel Original Movie But seriously watch an animated film. It’s so easy to get lost in the beautiful animation, silly jokes, and it brings you into a world of whimsy. It’s very hard to not be excited when Mulan finally gets her honor and recognition from the emperor at the end of the movie. Don’t play like you don’t know what I’m talking about!!

Look at your diet. Disclaimer: I AM THE ABSOLUTE WORST ABOUT THIS SO I AM NOT HERE TO CONDEMN. Are you eating too many sugary treats at work? Have you ended every night with a glass of wine or two this week? Binging on snacks galor even when you’re not hungry? I am guilty of any of these at any given moment. Listen I’m all about moderation and love food, but food as we know it has a direct correlation to our mood.

Phone a friend. Okay this may be a tough one because the last thing you want to do when you’re feeling crummy is talk to someone about it, but sometimes talking about it is where the relief from any ugly feelings can be found. Talking is so therapeutic because it gets all of those wild thoughts out of your mind and also allows someone into your mess so they can offer compassion.

This one hits home for me! The last thing you need to do when you’re in a crummy mood is judge yourself! I like to take time out of my day to meditate for five minutes to get my thoughts straight, but I also have to remind myself that A) How I’m feeling won’t last forever and B) You are worth loving despite how you feel right now.

Keep shining,


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