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My current obsession: LAVENDER

If you don’t already know this about me, I am very serious about my sleep. If I don’t get at least eight hours of sleep, I am just not myself. Yes I will admit I am a sleep snob, but I am firm believer of waking up on the right side of the bed. To ensure I have a good night’s rest, I’ll usually take a long bath and get the diffuser going, but I have recently found a few goodies that have made my sleep regimen extra dreamy.

Lavender oil: If I’ve had a long day, I usually like to rub a few drops of oil on the inside of my wrists and on my shoulders. Lavender is amazing because it’s known for reducing stress, improves your sleep, and smells amazing! 

Lush’s Sleepy Lotion: Okay so listen, I pretty much will praise any LUSH product, but this has been my go to product this year. I carry this in my purse all the time and love to use this right after I shower. This lotion is packed with almond oil, lavender perfume, and cocoa butter. It leaves your skin feeling moisturized, but not too greasy plus it’s purple! How fun is that?!

Peace and Harmony Oil: This oil is part of the NOW brand at Whole Foods and will knock you out! I’ll sprinkle a few drops on my pillow or rub some of it on the soles of my feet and I am out in minutes. This oil is has peppermint oil (great for headaches!) patchouli oil, orange oil, lavender oil, and basil oil. 

LUSH’s Dreamtime Temple Balm: This balm is super lightweight and has chamomile, sandalwood, and lavender oil. This is another great item to just pop in your purse (purse poppers…I’m going to coin that phrase!) to use when you know you’re going into a stressful situation like a difficult exam or while meeting a deadline at work. It’s nice to take a minute to rub this product into your temples and let it all soak in. 

So what are your favorite items that help you to drift away? Feel free to comment below!
Happy ZZZ’s..!

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