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Once a week I like to treat myself to one meal that I can truly indulge in. My favorite meal of the day is dinner, but recently I have grown to love lunch. My current obsession for lunch is a new restaurant in West Midtown called Upbeet. If you couldn’t guess by the cute and catchy name, it’s a very healthy spot that serves bowls,salads, and smoothies. When I say healthy, I mean HEALTHY. No gmos, preservatives, dairy, gluten...the whole nine yards! It’s perfect for people on the go who simply want to eat better and actually want their food to taste good! The atmosphere is very clean,fresh, and honestly I just feel healthy walking in there!

Okay, let’s get into the menu! I’m not really a salad kinda girl so I always get one of their bowls. My favorite bowl is the Guac It Out. It has brown rice, black beans, corn, jalapeños, guacamole, pico de gallo, lime squeeze, pepper jack cheese and housemade cashew lime dressing with grilled chicken. How amazing does that sound?!? This is perfect for all you Chipotle lovers out there that want to take it up a notch. What’s also great about this place is that they are very generous with portions, so definitely expect to eat twice off of this meal. Trust me you’re going to want to because you will not leave without spending at least $15 on a bowl so MAKE IT COUNT!

When I’m feeling a little bit more adventurous and want to switch it up I will usually get the Aloha Bowl. It has bamboo rice, mango,fresh jalapeños, scallions, avocado, toasted coconut, macadamia nuts and housemade ginger miso dressing with fair trade, wild-caught tuna poke. I absolutely can not do raw fish (personal preference) but I do like to switch out the poke for shrimp. This meal will leaving you feeling light, energized, and ready for a vacation to Hawaii!

Lastly, if we are really going for broke, I will also get a Matcha Lemonade to go. I know Matcha has become a really big trend over the past few years but it truly is so good! It gives you a nice boost of energy without all the jitters of coffee. The Matcha Lemonade is housemade and of course all their ingredients are organic. You won’t have to worry about this drink being too bitter or too sweet.

Now that my stomach is officially growling, I’ll stop my food obsessing there. Check back here to see what place I’ll be covering next!

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